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Glenorchy Adventure

2025 dates now confirmed.

Booking Date will be advised in due course.

Price TBC.

Our most sort after trip is even better with a new walk on Day 3.

 A choice of a jet boat ride trip or Helicopter ride trip on the last day.

Trip one. 3rd to 7th Feb, Jet Boat Trip

Trip two. 17th to 21st Feb, Helicopter trip.

Trip three. 24th to 28th Feb, Jet Boat Trip

Trip four. 10th to 14th  March, Helicopter Trip

 If you have any queries about this trip, please contact the trip co-ordinator,

Steve McLay 021 1066733  Email: steve@mclayboats.co.nz  Thank you.




Glenorchy lies near the borders of both the Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks. Close by is Paradise, made famous by a New Zealand Television programme of the same name, as well as the bridge also known to many from the local series "One Lane Bridge". 

Based at the Glenorchy Backpackers, we will explore the stunning area with day walks, including the Lake Rere Loop Track and the lower Dart River. 

The Glenorchy Hotel will provide us with a comfortable bed each night, along with Breakfast, packed lunch and a delicious evening meal. 


Note: Schedue may be changed around to suit the weather. Duration of each trip does not include travel time to each walk and return.

Day 1; After arriving in Glenorchy and getting our accommodation sorted, we will walk the Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway. From the Glenorchy Waterfront, this gentle well-formed track follows the flood bank around the Rees River and Lagoon Creek. The boardwalk and gravel offers great views of Mt Earnslaw and the Humboldt Mountain Range. You will also encounter plenty of bird life, including Black Swans, Paradise Ducks and Canadian Geese as the boardwalk traverses wetlands near Glenorchy. There will be plenty of time afterwards to explore Glenorchy at your leisure.

Duration 1 hour

Day 2; We will drive past Paradise to the end of the road where the Rees Dart track starts.The views on our left of the Dart river as it winds its way up the valley with  native bush on the lower mountains raising to snow capped mountains.  We will walk aprox 2 hours up this well formed track till we come to an open area where we have panoramic views of the mountains all around us as well as a great water fall. We will have lunch here then return. You will likely be amazed how much more there is to see when returning that you may have missed on the way up.

Duration 5 hours plus a few senic stops on the way back including Dimond lake for photos. 

Day 3; We head down to Moke Lake. Its a beautiful scenic spot off the beaten track. The stunning lake is framed by mountains and is a popular spot for walking, cycling, camping and in warmer temperatures, even swimming. The popular short, undulating walk through grassland is surrounded by mountains and goes right round the lake. A short boardwalk at the southern end protects a small wetland. The track has gentle gradients and some boardwalk sections.

Duration 3-3.5 Hours including Lunch at the car park.

We then head up the Rees valley to the Invincible Gold Mine Track. This 2-3 hour return walk introduces you to the rich mining heritage of the area. Part of the Otago Goldfields Park, the walk gradually works its way up above the snow line so you get some great uninterrupted views of the Rees Valley and Mt Earnslaw. From Rees Road, this well-formed historic walking track is for people with moderate fitness and abilities. You can see remains of the water wheel and a unique set of seven berdans (large, revolving cast iron bowls in which the ore was ground). Miners built the track in the early 1880's, but you can now enjoy it without the sweat and tears they invested. 

Durations 2.5 - 3 hours

Day 4; We will head down to the Greenstone carpark and walk the Lake Rere Loop Track. If you are looking for a full day out, exploring nature this is the perfect option for you. This Loop Track takes you through various landscapes. It starts with native beech forest, and a bridge crossing over the stunning turquoise waters of the Greenstone River. You will walk beside the river for quite some time and go through forest and tussock before reaching Lake Rere. There are some amazing spots along the track to stop and admire the beautiful colour of the Greenstone River and the rock formations underneath. You may even attempt to jump in the water if you're brave! Part of the track also goes through open paddocks with some amazing views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains.  

Duration 6 hours (including lunch break at Lake Rere)

Day 5;  Jet Boat Trip. Across the road to Dart River Adventures. As one of Queentown's most exhilarating activities, our Wilderness Jet, half day adventure, takes you on a spectacular journey, deep into the heart of the world-renowned Mount Aspiring National Park, where myth, heritage and fantasy come to life. Your guide gives you their authentic touch, talking about the area's rich history, the Greenstone Trail and countless Maori Legends. We'll also take the chance to tie up the boat and let you walk amongst the ancient beech tree forests - an atmosphere you may recognise from The Lord of the Rings films. Arrive back at the hotel for lunch and then we'll make our way back to Dunedin.

Day 5; Helicopter trip. The ultimate finish is to see the stunning scenery by air. We hire 2 squirrel helicopters that take half of our group at a time. Depart Glenorchy airstrip to an alpine landing on the Humboldt’s, then on to the Earnslaw Burn with a fly-by of the hanging glacier. After this, you will land in The Earnslaw Burn for 20 mins before returning to Glenorchy over the braided river system of the Rees river. Arrive back at the hotel for lunch and then we'll make our way back to Dunedin. Comments below from Yvonne and Jill who did the 11th-15th March 2024 Helicopter trip.

Comments from participants below.

It is hard to describe the breathtaking beauty and the sense of wonder and awe that many of us experienced, on our final day of this Glenorchy Adventure when we did the helicopter ride.

It was such a privilege to fly within the magnificence and grandeur of this area where we had been hiking, and to land there twice! A memory to treasure for a lifetime. 

Wow, wow wow! Not much more we can say about the amazing helicopter ride we topped off our Glenorchy Adventure with. The whole experience took our breath away. The views were something we may only experience once in a lifetime and we got to share them with our Glenorchy Adventure family! 


Our vans leave from the Leviathan Hotel in Dunedin at 8.15am. We can pick you up enroute. If you choose to meet us in Queenstown there is no discount to the cost of the trip. Prices are all based on travel from Dunedin. 

All food is supplied by the Glenorchy Hotel but you may wish to bring along some snacks such as scroggin. You will also need cash or card for your refreshments each evening. Snacks can also be brought from the hotel shop each day. 


Steve McLay

Phone; 021 1066733