Otago Youth Adventure Trust
Milton Rotary Tramping Club

The 2019 programme and bookings will be on the website sometime in June, sorry for the delay as we are waiting to book the tramps in with DOC.  If you are on the data base you will receive an email advising when the website will be open for bookings, the date will also be 'here' as soon as we know.  We look forward to having you join a trip in 2019!

Over the past 32 seasons over 19,000 people have successfully completed a variety of trips led by The Otago Youth Adventure Trust and Milton Rotary Tramping Club throughout Otago and Southland.  

The club first took independent groups of participants on 'Great Walks' tramping trips, and over the past years other options have been included of lodge based tramping trips and bike trips along popular trails.

We assemble the participants for each trip and provide three or four experienced leaders to give "low key" leadership. We organise all transport from Dunedin return, all the food, permits, accommodation, track and boat fees etc, and our charges only just cover all these costs. We also endeavour to brief everyone thoroughly before the trips, (fitness, equipment etc). and provided those who are inexperienced will heed our advice, we generally encounter few problems. The leaders and organisers from The Otago Youth Adventure Trust and Milton Rotary Club are volunteers, and receive no remuneration for their efforts.  

We hope you will be able to join a trip/s in the 2019 season for a truly memorable experience of tramping or biking in stunning scenery whilst making new friends, testimony to this is that many people return season after season.



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