Otago Youth Adventure Trust
Milton Rotary Tramping Club

Watch this space . . . trip dates for 2025 will be updated as they become available. 

Booking Date will also be advised in due course.



We are a Tramping Club, (not a commercial operator), and as such DoC insist that we must run our trips "at cost". Our charges are as close to actual costs incurred by us to run the trips and this is the "Basic Cost", referred to in each trip costing as set out on this web site

To be eligible to participate in the trip(s) that we organise, people need to be financial members of our Tramping Club, which costs $60 per adult, $35 school child, or $120 for a family (Family membership is parent/s and dependant children under 16 years of age).


You will realise that there is a huge amount of voluntary work provided by the 60 or so completely unpaid volunteers who organise and lead the trips. We hope that participants will be aware of this, and be generous and make a donation to the Tramping Club, (a registered Non Profit Club with the Charities Commission). We suggest $65 per trip place.

At the end of each season, our Constitution requires us to share any surplus funds equally between the Otago Youth Adventure Trust and Milton Rotary Club, (both have Charitable Trust Status), where it is used principally for Youth projects in Otago and elsewhere. All Donations are receipted separately, and are eligible for rebate with IRD.

The satisfaction that our volunteer leaders who provide 'low key' leadership to ensure the success of each trip get from their efforts is twofold. Firstly that we are able to provide a low cost adventure to so many thousands, many of whom would otherwise not have participated in these wonderful trips, and secondly, that through your donations, we are able to provide some funds towards our two very worthwhile charitable organisations. We consider that your donation is an acknowledgment of the services we freely provide for you.